The R4 card is also termed R4 Revolution for DS because of its modern and revolutionary applications. The makers of the R4 are desirous that their commodity would flourish among its competition with the different terminologies used to describe it, like magic, max, or revolutionary. Together with its subsequent version, the R4i, this card has detailed uses for the DS and Nintendo DSi consoles. It is important to be able to distinguish their distinct uses and applications.

The Nintendo DS and DSi consoles using the micro SD cards for use in loading games has more applications with regard to the R4 and the R4i cards. This card has been known for its revolutionary ways for a good number of reasons. The maximized use of this card makes for giving a shift to the way people think. The R4 card was made primarily as a high tech flash card to allow the inexpensive and readily available SD cards to maintain its role in playing different programs and applications.

With its unique and distinct connectivity with the Nintendo DS and DSi, there is realization from the masses of the great prospects and potentials of this amazing and high performance card. The different qualities and the ways of how it operates to show its full potentials are vividly and clearly discussed in the product description. The R4 and the R4i cards have lots of capabilities to present aside from the many discussions among different people that it can play homebrew games which can easily be downloaded from its online sources.

Especially in these times when there are many strides in modern technology and people have a lot of expectations, the inclination is to discover a product capable of having multiple uses and applications. People have slowly turned away from expensive gadgets that can do only specific things, making it necessary to possess loads of different gadgets. With the versatile qualities of the Nintendo DSi in terms of gaming systems, its processing capabilities becomes very utilitarian and you can do a lot more than simply playing your preferred games and applications.

The R4 and the R4i cards can practically take the lead in technology application as it performs well with its radical foundation and objective. With its awesome and large memory capacities, these cards give you the ability to enjoy many different applications on top of the basic ability to play different games. You have the choice of making the Nintendo DSi into a full blown video and movie player where you can savor your preferred movie selections and load them in the powerful micro SD card.

You also have the option to make the console a virtual mp3 player with high fidelity quality to be able to listen to your favorite music selections. The Nintendo DSi is capable of mimicking the features and capabilities of the iPod, where you can have the luxury of possessing your own mobile music library which you can enjoy when you are traveling or on vacation.


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